Lady Sarli

The freaky Geisha by Martin Chab

The photoset it was surrealistic in all the ways.  My artistic name is Lady Sarli, im not only behind the camera. Im creating and producing the image of the photoset. Imagining all the story behind and get into the skin of the character. Sometimes the photoset is just spontaneous. i have the clothes and after that i just play. Sometimes i come with the clothing and later on the story comes to me. And always when i have the results of the photo set, when i have and see all the pictures. I give the last shape to the whole set. My writings. I’m working with Martin Chab, he’s is my big friend and adventure partner. He’s a really good ph, has a lot of creativity and experience. He loves what he do and together we make a great team. When we see a an ordinary corner, we see art. We always find art in ordinary things.

The freaky Geisha has appeared
She get in my body
She took my soul
She started to act
as the most beautiful creature
that you could imagine
with a delicate and soft movements
like when you feel a spider spinning on your belly
like when you see a swan open
t’s wind ready to arrive
I was aware, all the time I was
but wasn’t me who did all those movements
around that place
where am I?
It was a toilet in the middle of a room?
Suddenly she freaked out
and started to act as a weird
quite altered, upset and worried…
shouting like a maniac
fuck love! fuck love!
speaking about the absences
and tales of lovelessness
I don’t know how
but after she could unburden
I shaked my body and
with all my force
She left me

Photographer: Martin Chab

Model: Lady Sarli

Instagram Model: @ladysarli

Copyright @2017 Martin Chab and Lady Sarli // All rights reserved.

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