On this page we explain how this community and you profile works.

Difference between exclusive and selected photosets and how wins the 100$ monthly prize.

  1. Exclusive photoset means that you publish it only in this website and not in other or social or your website. You can share only one photos of the exclusive set.
  2. Exclusive photosets are visible only for models, photographers and registered paid members.
  3. Selected photoset means that you can publish it everywhere.
  4. Selected photosets are visible by all people.
  5. Photographers and models are the only owns of copyrights.
  6. We use your photos on our social network channels only for share your publications inside this website and write always your username.
  7. If you decide to delete a set or a photo you can contact us at and we do it because you are the only own.
  8. We pay 100$ for the most voted exclusive set of the month. So, registered members, photographers and models vote your exclusive set and if your set received most vote compared to others during the month we will pay you. At the end of the month we reset the vote system. We pay only who submit the exclusive photoset. So if you (photographer or model) submit the set, after the win of the prize you can decide if split it with the model/photographer or not. This depends on the arrangements you have taken with the model/photographer.
  9. For models and photographers we suggest to share the link of your photosets on your social networks to reach more people or your fans to access on the website and vote.
  10. The vote is only for other photographers, models and registered paid members.
  11. We pay with paypal or bank transfer and contact you if you are the winner.

How works your profile.

Activity: you can post an update like a news or an event about your activity.
Profile: here you can view your profile details and make changes like Edit and Upload your profile cover and image.
Notifications: this is a public message from our Staff like news or updates about the community.
Message: you can read or send private message to all members, photographers and models.
Photosets: you can see your exclusive and selected photosets and upload a new. (Only for models and photographers).
Friends: this is a list of your friend inside the community.
Group: this is a list of groups where you have joined.
Support: if you have a problem you can post a ticket and we help you.
: here you can upload single images to show your works.
Settings: you can change your password, email and profile visibility.
Account: here you can see and manage your subscription. (Only for members).


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