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Gabriele Ardemagni born in Milan Italy 1973 begin to play with photography during the first school years with a Polaroid then next an Olympus XA2 the passion for art and photography give the choice for the artistic high school then after 4 years ithers 4 of a Comic and Graphic School specialization. Love the architecture, the anatomy and travel. During every time goes out of house take everytime images first with instacamera and film then convert to digital reflex. Actually use a Nikon D800 with some lens like 50mm Sigma . 1.4, Samyang 85 f 1.4, Nikkor 70-300 VR II: I don t think the best picture comes from exensives lenses but everytime from heart e mind Best genre Fashion especially Street Fashion, Glamour ( undefined but love the natural ), Reportage; work as freelance for every kind of photo assignment, many fashion magazine ( online and print ) the works go from fashion e glamour, advertising, reportages like travel religion people work, food photography, sport like auto e moto, everypeople and everything are photo subject for Gabriele. Last printed works: The new discovery about the JESUS Process by Erode in Jerusalem, other monthly magazine other service about Dead Sea in Israel: i was stay in Israel last month to produce material video and picture for documentary and magazine, this is the first to comes out in July on Il Mio Papa Mondadori weekly magazine and second in Benessere monthly publications of St. Pauls; Published monthly  on FWM Magazine from 3 to 19.2015 september in Lisbon Portugal, Now in the new edition of Fashion World Models Magazine based in Paris France comes out 2 times in a month, out now April #1 e 2, same as for the HOT edition of the FWM Magazine; Cover e editorial on Virtuosité Magazine #1 ( Belgium ), Cover e editorial on D.I.F. Magazine #9 ( Denmark ) online and printed, 2015 october printed in USA: Simply dela Jouere for high fashion stylist Luis Machicao Couture, Bogamia Magazine Miami N 24 October 2015,Oct to Dec: Virtuosité #2 #3 #5 editorials, NEAH Magazine #2 ( Australia ) DecemberFeb. 2016 Cover e editorial on Virtuosité Magazine #6 ( Belgium ) March 2016 editorial on Virtuosité Magazine #7 ( Belgium ), Cover e editorial on D.I.F. Magazine #12 ( Denmark ) online and printed. Editorial in Venus Gallery Magazine #4 April 2016.

New Era World Studio Gabriele Ardemagni photographer with Valentina Vanzulli Zully Red Velvet alternative nude model.

Gabriele Ardemagni photographer

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