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We accept only photoset with a minimum of 15 photos. You can send it “optimized for web” or we can do it before the publication.

For those who can submit Exclusive and Selected Photosets we give 1 month of free membership. The subscription is extended for another month every time you publish a new photoset.

We accept exclusive and selected photosets.

• Exclusive photoset means that you can publish it only in this website and not in other websites or social networks. You can share max three photos outsite this website. This set is visible only for models, photographers and registered members.

• Free photoset means that you can publish it everywhere. This set is visible by all people. We accept also photographers and models portfolios.

Photographers and models are the only owns of copyrights. So if you want to delete a photoset you can contact us at

We use photos that you publish in this magazine on our social network only for share your publications with your credits.

Please wait during the uploading process. A green confirmation message will appears at the end of the process.

Submission form

Insert the name of the photoset.
Insert the name of the photographer.
Insert your email
Insert the name of the model or models.
Insert your website or a social profile like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
Insert the website or a social profile like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter of the model or models.
We accept only a single .zip or .rar file. Max size: 20 Mb.

You can use also upload service like WeTransfer, Google Drive or DropBox.

Make money with Exclusive Photosets

We give to all photographers and models the opportunity to monetize with their exclusive photosets.
When a new member is registered on this website, the first 100 exclusive photosets gain money every month.

This is the mathematical calculation: Cost of subscription – paypal or stripe fees – 20% website fee / 100 photosets.

A simple example: 1 new member = 3 $ – Paypal fees: 3,4% + 0,35 (0,452 $) = 2,548 $

2,548 – 20% website fee (0,5096 $) = 2,0384 $
2,0384 $ / 100 exclusive photosets = 0,020 $ for set

• With 10 new members = 0,20 $ for set
• With 100 new members = 2,00 $ for set
• With 1000 new member = 20 $ for set

You can upload infinite exclusive photosets. Every month the first 100 most viewed photosets make money. If two or more sets have same views, wins the most recent uploaded photoset. Inside the website there is a page named “Reserved Area” where every month our team publish a pdf file with the ranking of exclusive photosets of the month and the gain of each photographer or model. Payout: 20,00 $.

We suggest to share the sets on all your social networks because the gain rules is simple: more sets submitted + more subscribers = more money!

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