What is AlternativeModel Marketplace.

Our marketplace is a community where Alternative Models and Photographers all over the world can sell their photosets and videos and getting money from every sale.

How can I publish and sell my contents?

It ‘s easy … just create a new free account clicking on “START SELLING“. Inside your Dashboard there is the link “ADD A PHOTOSET”, and just follow the instructions.

Your contents will always be controlled by our Team to be sure the respect of our Policy. If approved, then you will be able to upload more and more.

Please use only your PC to upload contents because mobile or tabled reduces the quality of photos or videos.

You can also use sharing services like Wetransfer, Google Drive or Dropbox and our Team will create the photoset inside your profile. Use info@alternativemodel.net for sharing your photosets.

What can I sell on AlternativeModel Marketplace?

You can sell your photos and/or videos! These are the allowed themes:

Glamour / Nude / Erotic / Adult / Solo Girl / Lesbian / Cosplay / Fetish / Steampunk

It’s completely forbidden to publish violent content, faceless or masked pictures, child pornography content, content with animals inside, contents with cemeteries and non-respectful of religion, cultural diversity, content not respectful of women, content that portray men in general. We may at any time delete your account at our discretion.

You are fully responsible for your account: check our policy and don’t upload the contents above.

How you will get paid!

We pay directly to your bank account, it can be also a card connected to an IBAN (and SWIFT code…) like Paypal, Stripe, and more.

When you will be paid!

We pay you when you reach the payout of 50 $ (U.S. Dollars). Contact us at info@alternativemodel.net when you reach the payout

What we pay!

We pay 70% commission to our Alternative Models! You can see the sales report inside your dashboard.

We pay only the creators and after you can split the money with photographers or models according to private agreements.

How many photosets and videos can I upload to my account?

You can upload infinite photosets. One photoset = minumum 15 photos.

Do you need exclusive stuff?

No, we don’t.

About copyright

You are the only owner of every set copyright.
You can decide to delete the set at any time. Contact us if you want to delete your photosets or videos.
All photosets published in this website will be shared on our Social Networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr with your credits.