Operuit Umbrosa

Abaya: The Wait from Operuit Umbrosa

Operuit Umbrosa is a photographer operating in the middle east. Due to the taboo nature of his work, he don’t use his real name. He likes to think of himself as someone else’s secret fantasy, and he don’t even think about this persona in his day to day life. His goal is to show the beauty that is inherent in such a closed and highly ritualized (still) society as the one he is from, but he try not to have anything be too specific to a state or region within the whole Arab world.

In this set he collaborated with a highly professional model, Nastya (www.nastya-model.com) to try to tell the story in images of a woman waiting for her lover to arrive to a rendezvous . The character is an ingenue, changing poses and positions, unsure of what her lover would like the most. She knows that he (or she, another level of taboo) is intrigued by her traditional cover (her Abaya or Hijab) and is trying to strike a balance between that abaya fetish and her natural, soft and innocent but ever-present allure.

A few of the images have Arabic calligraphy superimposed on them. Image #02 has “ready, steady, go” transliterated into Arabic, #11 has text that roughly translates into “might I fly to whom I love”, and #14 has the text “Empty Pillow” in Arabic lighted on her body.

Set name: Abaya: The Wait

Photographer: Operuit Umbrosa

Model: Nastya

Instagram photographer: @operuitumbrosa

Copyright 2017 Operuit Umbrosa / All rights reserved


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