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Warehouse Studio with Lenticchia model

Erica is 29 years old freelance photographer based in Florence, Italy. She have always been fascinated by photography as a teenager and she started to picture the world with her camera combining her two other passions: travels and music. The style of her photos reflects her personality: hhe is an old soul looking sympathetically to the modern world. She love the refined taste of the Victorian era, the pomposity and the eccentricity of the baroque blended with the austerity of the Gothic period. She try to create images with fairy-tale settings, some more mysterious, with a dark mood and with a touch of bizarre and others very minimal and modern, but always a little ‘”retro”. Her goal is to help people create special images and fall in love with them. This set was taken on a lazy autum afternoon at her studio. Lenticchia model was incredibily natural as well as very sensual.

Model: Lenticchia

Photographer: Erica Mottin for Warehouse Studio

Instagram photographer: @warehouse.studio

Copyright © Erica Mottin for Warehouse Studio / All right reserved

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