Daniele Busacca

Daniele Busacca ph with Ilvy Kokomo model

The photographic set develops in the stunning nature reserve of Vendicari, Noto (SR), Sicily, and in particular within the ruins of the trap, where the verticality of the pillars that supported the roof is contrasted by the sinuosity of the model’s body that almost dance between they. More are the contrasts that are noticed, the roughness of the floor to the delicacy of the skin’s Ilvy, the heaviness of the stone blocks placed one on top of the gracefulness of the movements and dance steps. In the photographer opinion the black and white is the technique that best helps to highlight these contrasts, blending them together and creating a wonderful blend.

Model: Ilvy Kokomo

Photographer: Daniele Busacca

Instagram photographer: @daniele_busacca

Instagram model: @ilvykokomo

Copyright © Daniele Busacca / All right reserved

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