Abaya: The Wait from Operuit Umbrosa

Operuit Umbrosa is a photographer operating in the middle east. Due to the taboo nature of my work, he don't use his real name. He likes to think of himself as someone else's secret fantasy, and he don't even think about this persona in his day to day life. His goal is to show the beauty that is inherent in such a closed and highly ritualized (still) society as the one he is from, but he try not to have anything be too specific to a state or region within the whole Arab world.

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Britney Wallace tattoo alternative model

Hello! My name is Britney Wallace and I am 21 years old. I live in Central Missouri. I have two little boys and an amazing fiancé. Other than being a parent every day; my hobbies include baking, shopping, and dressing up. I'm a very positive person. I do my best to always remain optimistic and to encourage myself to continue forward on my path to happiness. I'm very hard working and success driven. I will do whatever it takes to reach my goals.

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Black & White by Joerg Dumkow ph

Stephanie is a newbie as model - but it's so easy and full of fun and inspiring to work with her.... We still tried to do some really light and dark stuff - analog and digital with a lot of grain. Location was my studio/home in Berlin-Wedding / Germany. The highkey set was avl with high ISO and a Nikon D750 and the dark one with a big octagon softbox and my old Nikon D3.

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Her last shooting by Fabio Pregnolato ph

AlternativeModel present a new photoset shooted by the italian photographer Fabio Pregnolato.This is the last shooting for the beautiful alternative model Kyara Luna. These photos shows her body with an exibition of curves and moving and tells about a girl that do not have any problem behind the lens of a photographic machine.

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